Without ANY preparation, I have fun and explain each question and answer of the GAIQ exam. 92% completion score is NOT 100% and it bugs me. I disagree with some of the “correct” answers! 🙂

• GAIQ = Google Analytics Individual Qualification

The fail streak!
► 06:58 “Which of the following metrics would most strongly suggest a poorly performing website?”

► 07:31 “Which of the following is a valid dimension / metric combination?” dimension & metric combinations fail – all are valid! but do they make sense?

► 08:45 “Which of the following is a prerequisite to using Smart Goals?” David, read up on Smart Goals here:

More fails
► 18:26 “In the multi-channel funnel reports, which of the following metrics would be most useful in measuring how many conversions were initiated by Paid Search?” I sort of argue for the correct answer, I think in retrospect seeing the footage, but I answer incorrectly anyways? Silly me…

► 38:32 “Which reporting dimension would be useful to reference if you were looking to improve the user experience on your landing pages?” I disagree with GAIQ’s answer. What type of traffic is very important in improving the user experience, especially if you consider both paid search and organic search (SEO).

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