Google Analytics Certification Course for just $17 (normally $47):

If you prefer to read, here’s the full transcript:

You’re very welcome, my name is Daragh and by the end of this Google Analytics Certification course you will have a certificate just like the one you see on screen with your name on it.

The benefit of this certification is that it shows tangible evidence of your analytics skills which can really help secure your next interview, promotion or client.

The value is “not” only a bullet point on your resume.

Once you’ve achieved certification, you will have gained a really great understanding of how to use Google Analytics professionally, inquisitively and intellectually for content websites ecommerce websites and mobile apps as well.

Now that’s a valuable bargaining chip to attach to your personal package!

However, I know that sittting down to study can be dauting experience and with a lot resource sonline now outdated due to exam change, this process can become this become harder than it needs to be.

So, I’ve designed this course specifically to give you the update to date, step-by-step approach that I used to pass the test in the shortest time possible.

By the end of this course:
– Be Thoroughly familiar with exam format & know how to ace it
– Answers to over 90 Google Analytics exam sample questions
– Have the best study resources & cheat sheets for exam success
– Have 3 Strategies Guaranteed to Reduce Your Study Time by 50%

Don’t worry you don’t need any prerequisites or work experience to take the exam. You dont even need and money. the exam is free to take. You can Add this Qualification to your Resume with just 2 days of dedicated study, if not less!

So go head and hit that take this course button and Say yes today to your risk-free opportunity to become Google Analytics Certified!