Big Data analytics with Hadoop & R

Deploying the Data Analytics Lifecycle to address big data analytics projects

Reframing a business challenge as an analytics challenge
Applying appropriate analytic techniques and tools to analyze big data, create statistical models, and identify insights that can lead to actionable results

Selecting appropriate data visualizations to clearly communicate analytic insights to business sponsors and analytic audiences

Using tools such as: R, Map Reduce/Hadoop, in-database analytics


What is Big Data & Why Hadoop?

Big Data Characteristics, Challenges with traditional system

Hadoop Overview &it’s Ecosystem

Anatomy of Hadoop Cluster, Installing and Configuring Hadoop

Hands-On Exercise

HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System

Name Nodes and Data Nodes

Hands-On Exercise

Map Reduce Anatomy

How Map Reduce Works?

The Mapper & Reducer, Input Formats & Output Formats, Data Type & Customer Writable

Developing MapReduce Program

Setting up Eclipse Development Environment, Creating Map Reduce Projects,Debugging and Unit Testing MapReduce Code, Testing with MRUnit

Hive, pig & Mahout

Hands-On Exercise

Introduction to Analytics

What is Analytics? (current)
Popular Tools (current)
Role of Data Scientist (current)
Analytics Methodology (current)
Problem Definition (current)

Statistical Concepts and their application in business

Descriptive Statistics (current)
Probability Theory (current)
Tests of significance (current)
Non-parametric testing (current)

Basic Analytic Techniques

Introduction to R (current)
Data Exploration with R (current)
Data Preparation with R (current)
Data Visualization with R (current)

Predictive Modeling Techniques

Linear Regression (current)
Logistic Regression (current)
Cluster Analysis (current)
Decision Trees (current)
Time Series Analysis (current)

Putting the Jigsaw Together

Model Validation (current)
Creating Insights from statistics (current)
Online Resources (current)
Connecting with the Analytics Community

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