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Wei ZHOU – Directeur Scientifique
Marion LEPARMENTIER – Directrice des Mastères Spécialisées

00:17 The Pitch
01:47 Do we have the option to study on both the Paris and Berlin campus or do we complete the program at one location?
04:26 Hello, what should be the level of my programming language? Will I be admitted without any programming knowledge?
06:30 The international seminar in China is obligatory? It is included in the tuition?
09:28 What are the major leading companies with which you have strong partnerships? Does it mean that we will have the opportunity to do real business cases with those companies?
11:52 Will there be any competency test regarding our knowledge of the different business analytics tools or is it just a personality interview?
15:27 Three Words Max
16:51 What would be the projected starting salary with this degree?
18:17 I understand students of all backgrounds are welcome to apply. But do you think this program is more fit for students of statistics/math/CS background or more fit for students with a business degree?
19:54 May I know what we should expect for the interview? What are the important qualities you look for in candidates?
21:55 How many students are enrolled in the program, or will be allowed to enroll next year?
22:48 Do students still need to take the English test if they have been studying in English for the whole duration of their bachelor (non English speaking country)? If no, can they submit their English test after sending the application?
24:49 Does the program have any affiliation with SAS and / or IBM. Have these organizations designed any course topic, and do students after completion of program receive any certifications from these organizations?
27:46 How much prior work experience is required? For example I am still doing my bachelor degree and have completed a 6-month internship in marketing analytics, is this sufficient (with excellent motivation)?
29:00 The Expert Question
29:13 The Expert Question: One of the primary uses for big data analytics by businesses is of course for marketing and to increase sales. But what other ways can we use big data in business that are not profits oriented, and what trends do you see for big data in the future?
32:55 Can an American student find a job in France upon completion of the program?
34:10 I want to participate in your program as a 37-year old American student. Are there be any scholarships available to pay tuition (the fee is quite high). I have a BBA and have worked as a high school science teacher for nine years.
35:20 Is the internship obligatory to complete the program? (for those with experience who want to start working).
37:30 There is something else payable to the school apart from the tuition? Does the school help the students to find accommodation near the different campuses?
38:57 Conclusion