In this video we will be learning the difference between a business analyst and a data analyst. Business analyst vs data analyst, is there really that much of a difference. Tune in now…
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Here are some questions I get about this subject:

– What is the difference between a business analyst and a data analyst?
– What is the difference between business analytics and data analytics?
– What is the job description of a business analyst?
– What is the job description of a data analyst?
– What is the role of a business analyst?
– What is the role of a data analyst?
– Can you tell me about a Business Analyst Vs a Data Analyst?
– What does a data analyst do?
– What does a business analyst do?

Business Analyst and Data Analyst share similar roles. The business analyst stands out in his/her ability to specialize in business specific tasks. Whereas the data analyst is more advanced in the official practices of data analytics.

Let’s take a look at the difference between Business Analyst and Data Analyst

1 ) Business Analyst

Business Analysis has risen in the past decade as a key component to any successful company. As the business goals continue to change with the ever-changing needs of the consumer it can often be very difficult to keep up with the change. How does a business navigate their market and discern pop-culture flashy trend versus and real shift in the market place the will have long term impact on the companies success.

2 ) Data Analyst

The role of a Data Analyst has received a lot of attention lately. It is truly a buzz word in tech, business and even household conversation I have been having recently. People are starting to realize the shifting job market and they realize they need to make a move, and fast! So, let’s define the role of a Data Analyst.

The main reason that the role of a Data Analyst differs from that of a Business Analyst is specialization. Let’s create another avatar

Data Analyst Avatar:

– Higher Proficiency in “R” or Python Programming Languages.
– Deep Understanding of Data Analytics Tools.
– Hadoop
– Tableau
– Data Cleaning
– Couldera
– MongoDB
– There are many more but you get the idea…
– Able to extract, clean/scrub, and process LARGE sets of data.
– Higher level of expertise in the technical aspects of Data Analytics

Business Analyst Vs. Data Analyst

The role of a Business Analyst and a Data Analyst is similar in nature. The key to understanding the difference is their specific niche expertise.

1 ) The Responsibilities: A business analyst will be in charge of leadership, specifying the research, and informing each part of the data process (communicating between laymen and the data experts. A Data Analyst has a deeper understanding of the Data Analytics, retrieve data more efficiently, and create automated processes because of their higher level of programming abilities.

2 ) Income differences: As in most careers you will be rewarded with your ability to exemplify specialized skills. The Data Analyst will earn a slightly higher wage according to glassdoor est.

Data Analyst: $76k
Business Analyst: $70k
*Average Salary Based on the Entire USA

3 ) The specific skills required for each speciality defines the role of the job. Business Analysts will be required to have a working knowledge in data science as well as good communication skills, critical business thinking, ability to negotiate, manage projects, and conduct one on one interviews. While it would be good for a Data Analyst to practice some of the skills required for the Business Analyst it will not be a necessity to land a job as a Data Analyst. The Data Analyst role will focus on a deep knowledge of data science, the ability to extract and analyze data with a higher proficiency, and automate data extraction processes via the stronger knowledge of coding abilities.


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