2-1 ADA BN conducts Patriot Missile training

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2-1 ADA BN conducts Patriot Missile training

Story by 1st Lt. Edward Willis, 2-1 ADA BN
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DAEGU GARRISON — Soldiers from 2-1 Air Defense Artillery Battalion, seeking to advance their safety and efficiency levels, participated in a certification program which taught basic and advanced care and use of Patriot interceptor missiles.

All Patriot launching station maintainer/operators and their supervisors received two days of training from the Defense Ammunition Center on the proper handling, storage, and transportation of Patriot missiles.

2-1 ADA BN conducted a Patriot Missile Operation course Jan. 24 and 25, to increase Soldiers’ knowledge on how to properly handle, store and transport Patriot Missiles.

“As one of only two Patriot Missile Units on the Korean Peninsula we provide Gen. Thurman [commander of U.S. Forces Korea] the capability of intercepting and destroying the robust SCUD arsenal of North Korea,” said Maj. Joshua Fishman, 2-1 ADA BN operations officer.

The course is the first of its kind and was developed by 2-1 ADA BN. Patriot units in Korea are the only garrison Patriot units which inspect, store and move live missiles.

Ready to respond to the North Korean threat, war fighting proficiency is top priority for the 2-1 ADA BN, and moving missiles safely plays a major factor.

“We cannot afford to lose a single Patriot Interceptor due to mishandling or accident during missile movement procedures,” Fishman said.

The culmination of the course included hands-on daily and monthly preventative maintenance checks and services of launchers, missile canisters and forklifts. The course concluded with a forklift missile reload, with all students, missile movement supervisors and 35th ADA Brigade evaluators on hand to observe.

“The event was a great visual aid on how to properly conduct a PAC-3 forklift missile reload,” said Pvt. Jarrin Lacky of Charlie Battery, 2-1 ADA BN and crew member one of the reload team.
With the constant overturn of Soldiers leaving and joining the battalion, training and refresher courses are essential to ensure 2-1 ADA BN is ready to fight tonight. Staff Sgt. Christopher Taylor, the safety and overall supervisor for the reload crew sums up the training opportunity, “For brand new Soldiers coming to Korea it’s a great way to get hands on with the equipment and learn their jobs.”