Company Profile of PT. Ultrafilter Indonesia

The purification experts
Innovation purification solutions for
Compreesed air, technical gases and fluids

The new manufacturing facilities in Hilden, close to Dusseldorf Germany with investment of more than 10 million Euros continuous a family tradition which started in 1972 by Mr. D. Kronsbein.

From new manufacturing plant in the most modern facilities and technologies has made ultrafilter the worlds pre-eminent manufacturer of efficient purification equipment.

The manufacturing of heat-regenerated adsorption dryers requires considerable experience, within the design, application data and customers requirements has to be taken into account. Ultrafilter with Long-standing experience is the one whose be able to produced the Heat-regenerated Dryers which comply with the individual customers requirement. The innovative high – efficiency filters are produced in factory 1, only high quality materials and tested are chosen for production.

Highly motivated and skilled employees manufacture a wide range of filter elements, pre-filters,after filters, carbon active filters and filters housing made of stainless steel, the nano-technology innovative high-efficiency filters and activated carbon filters as well as sterile filters for process applications.

All filters are proven and tested according to ISO quality requirements, just to ensure that only the best and most efficient filters are delivered to our customers.

Refrigeration dryers and heat-less regenerated adsorption dryers are the most commonly used compressed air dryers. The high product availability for our customers is ensured by the serial production of heat-less regenerated adsorption dryers in factory 2.

Even within the serial production of these dryers, the individual requirements of our customers are taken into account through high flexibility production. ultrafilter manufactured only the best and most efficient filters & dryers for our valued customers all over the globe.

Tradition and History

The Kronsbein family start the familiy tradition of developing and manufacturing and developing high performance compressed air filters and purification components.

The previous company becomes the first in the world to introduce the three-part filter housing.

The development of the binder- free filter media establishes the foundations for the future success of the previous company.

Dipl.-Ing. Dean Kronsbein initiates the next strategic goal and founds ultratrockner Energietechnik GmbH, Haan, with the objective to develop and produce innovative adsorption dryers. These innovative drying systems reduce the energy consumption by 50%. At the heart of the adsorption dryer is the self-adjusting load dependent control. ultratrockner Energietechnik GmbH is the first company in the world to combine adsorption dryer, pre- and afterfilter in a compact cabinet design. During the following years ultratrockner Energietechnik GmbH becomes the leading international manufacturer of compressed air adsorption dryers.

To satisfy the rising demand for absolute clean, dry and oil free compressed air, Dipl.-Ing. Dean Kronsbein develops the oilfreepac. With this system, even oil-injected compressors produce a better compressed air quality than oil free operating compressors, with the added value of lower operating.

Dipl.-Ing. Dean Kronsbein is nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year out of 3000 industrial companies.

in addition to innovative products the previous company offers a comprehensive service package. More than 60 qualified service technicians provided compressed air service close to their customers

Dipl.-Ing. Dean Kronsbein founds Ultra.air GmbH as a provider of energy optimised compressed air solutions to the industry. An exclusive agreement with EON to market the new product EON-Ultra.air is concluded.

PT.ultrafilter in Indonesia established owned by ultrafilter International AG-Germany and its regional office in Singapore. Untung Semedhi was the President Director of the Company.

With the growing demand for reducing the energy costs of compressed air, the newly founded Ultrafilter GmbH develops high efficiency filter elements using nano-technology, which require a 70 % lower energy consumption.

The new Ultrafilter housings with modular connections are introduced at the Hannover Fair 2007.
March 2007Dipl.-Ing. Dean Kronsbein took over the Ultrafilter GmbH, founded in 2006, after leaving Donaldson Filtration GmbH.

The company builds a new research and production centre in Hilden at the beginning of the year. It offers optimised working conditions and prospects to all employees. At the grand opening, managing director Dipl.-Ing. Dean Kronsbein says: “We will introduce more innovative product solutions for our customers than ever before.

March 2008
ultrafilter GmbH takes over the energy and compressed air consultant group Ultra.air. With this integration, Ultrafilter offers their customers the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the Ultra.air competence in all aspects of compressed air (from the source of energy to the point of use).


1.Ultrafilter is a specialist and experts in a purification comppressed air, technical gases and liquids. The company where customers is not just a number and code. We believe that a satisfied and repeat customers are the life-blood of our success.
2.ultrafilter as the world pre-eminent manufacture of Efficient and High quality purification equipment will always searching for innovation to improve and developing new ways to optimize the performance of our products and services to full-fill their demands.
3.Ultrafilter as a consultative selling company realized that customers trust is the most important capital of our company in which must be kept in the professional way and within the ethical of business.


•Volume Flow According to ISO 3724
•Diff. Press According to ISO 3968
•Effeciency According ISO 3968
•Mechanical Durability According to ISO 3723
•Thermal Stability According to ISO 3723
•Dirt Capturing Capacity According to ISO 4572


-Member of VDMA No. 6136


Ultrafilter covers the complete range of purification solutions for compressed air, technical gases and fluids for industrial and process industries.

High-performance industrial filter
The new PE pre-filter!

The Prefilter PE is designed for the retention of particles out of compressed air and gases. It consists of a sintered polyethylene filter media with an absolute retention rate. By utilising various filtration mechanisms, including direct impact and sieve effect, particles down to the 25 µ in size are retained.

The new Ultrafilter PE elements are made of a pleated sintered polyethylene and offer various benefits:
•450 % filtration surface
•higher dirt holding capacity

Features and advantages:
•pure, high-molecular polyethylene filter media
•higher dirt retention capacity compared to standard PE prefilters
•guaranteed retention rate
•uniform pore structure ensures back washable capability

High-performance filter elements with nano-technology

Leading through innovation
The quality of filter elements is increasingly important, first because the requirements for clean compressed air being raised, and second because awareness of the environment and energy efficiency is increasing. With the introduction of the new Ultrafilter high-performance filter elements, offering an efficiency of 99,99998%, Ultrafilter has once again demonstrated that it is one of the most innovative manufacturers in the market. Thanks to the unique combination of binder-free, non-woven nanofibre filter media and pleating technology, a reduction in energy costs of 70 % is achieved, as well as an improved filtration performance.

450 % greater filter area!
The secret of this vast increase in performance lies in the pleating of the nano-filter media. The pleating process mechanically folds the non-woven filter media many times. This makes the filter area 450% larger than that of a conventionally rapped filter element.

Many added value benefits!
You obtain obvious benefits when you use the new pleated ultrafilter high-performance filter element:
•low differential pressure
•improved filtration efficiency
•greater dirt holding capacity
•70 % lower energy costs

In addition, the new nano-filter media from Ultrafilter is ‘oleophobic’, which means oil and water are actively rejected. This results in a drop in the differential pressure, so operating costs are reduced to a minimum compared with conventional filter elements.

Massively reduced costs!
Depending on size, the use of the new high-performance filter elements from Ultrafilter save users between €280 and €1,600 per filter element in energy costs per year.

Activated carbon filter AK

Ultrafilter activated carbon filter are designed for retention of oil aerosols, hydrocarbons and odours from compressed air and technical gases. The AK adsorption filters consist of two filtration stages. Particles are retained in the first filtration stage, this being the microfibre media. The second filtration stage consists of activated carbon which adsorbs oil aerosols, hydrocarbons and odours. Within appropriate pre-filtration, a residual oil content of < 0.003 ppm can be achieved.

Filter housing – the modular filter system
Ultrafilter – the intelligent filter system ensures pure and safe compressed air purification by an innovative technical concept:
•three-part filter housing
•patented high-efficiency filter elements
•electronically, level-controlled condensate drain without losses of compressed air
•continuous energy consumption monitoring

Safe and easy connection with modular concept. Robust flanged connection enables the filter housings to be securely and simply combined with a single sealing surface.

Flexible wall mounting

Individual filter housings or combinations can be firmly mounted by means of robust mounting brackets. The distance between filter and fixture surface can be adjusted as required.

The energy cost monitor

The energy cost monitor shows the optimum time to exchange the filter element when most economical. Option for the signal to be transmitted remotely.

Superior construction of the three-part filter housing
•The fastening ring guarantees secure opening and sealing of the housing
•Audible alarm sound to prevent opening of the filter housing under pressure
•Secure sealing of housing components due to cone and o-ring connection
•Push and turn technology ensures easy exchange of filter element
•Minimal pressure loss due to improved flow technology
•Long life thanks to epoxy resin coating
•Conical design and smooth lower filter zone ensures no condensate is transferred downstream

Ultra.pure fridge dryer
The innovative patented, energy saving fridge dryer
Due to the Ultra.dry energy saving patented thermal-mass principle, the Ultra.dry has a lower operating cost than the majority of other refrigeration dryers. This means that the refrigeration dryer only consumes power when necessary and thus reduces the energy requirement by up to 80% under normal operating conditions. Ultra.dry: the innovative energy saving dryer.

Low differential pressure guarantees additional energy savings
The air/air and refrigerant/air heat exchangers are fitted with large diameter copper tubes. The smooth inner walls of the tubes are effective in preventing dirt deposits, resulting in a low differential pressure of the Ultra.dry refrigeration dryer. Guaranteed for years.

Low differential pressure guarantees additional energy savings

The air/air and refrigerant/air heat exchangers are fitted with large diameter copper tubes. The smooth inner walls of the tubes are effective in preventing dirt deposits, resulting in a low differential pressure of the Ultra.dry refrigeration dryer. Guaranteed for years.

Quality products with 5 years functional guarantee

In order to produce Ultra.dry refrigeration dryers, only components that meet the highest quality standards of production are used. The Quality Assurance system according to ISO 9001 means that all appliances receive the “Quality Product” certificate. In combination with the maintenance- friendly and user-friendly method of construction, this ensures absolute reliability and security of operation, backed up by the five year operating guarantee.

Highly efficient stainless steel condensate separator

A deflector plate forces the condensed air to rotate inside the condensate separator. The air then flows through a stainless steel wire mesh, which guarantees a very high degree of water separation with an efficiency of 99,9%.

Safe and energy saving condensate drainage

The reliable Ultra.drain condensate drain is fitted with an intelligent level control that prevents compressed air loss, when discharging condensate.

Ultra.control: the intelligent microprocessor dryer control

The innovative Ultra.control technology is based on the most modern microprocessor electronics. All necessary parameters such as cooling temperature, refrigerant circulation pressure or ambient temperature are regulated. The current operating state of the dryer is continually calculated and controlled/monitored. Thus, regardless of changing parameters constant pressure dewpoint and absolute security of operation are ensured.

Ultra.dry – the energy saving dryer with the decisive benefits:

•Energy saving: the refrigeration dryer compressor starts only when necessary and thus reduces the energy requirement by up to 80%
•Very reliable refrigeration system, as simple as a household refrigerator
•High dewpoint consistency, especially during rapid load changes
•No warm-up times necessary before start-up of compressed air dryer
•The dryer can also remain switched on during longer periods of inactivity
•Constant performance data without readjustment of a hot gas bypass valve
•Reduced number of welded joints means lower risk of leakage

Ultra.dry compact the heatless- adsorption dryer

Why adsorption dryers?
Compressed air is used in almost all areas of industrial manufacturing as a source of energy or processing. The atmospheric air drawn in contains harmful substances, dirt particles and moisture in the form of water vapour, which condenses out in compressed air pipes and can lead to considerable costs (corrosion, freezing etc.). These costs are avoided by using the Ultra.dry compact. As a complete system, the Ultra.dry compact consists of a prefilter with automatic condensate drain, adsorption dryer and an integrated dust filter. The pre-filter retains solids and condensate up to a residual oil content of 0.03 mg/m3. The subsequent adsorption dryer removes moisture from the compressed air up to a pressure dew point of -40 ºC. Finally, the dust filter retains any particles resulting from the drying adsorbent.

ultra.dry compact – quality and security

•Complete package with pre and after filter and electronic condensate drain, all components ready to connect, easy to
•The desiccant is contained in easy to change cartridges. Movement of desiccant is eliminated due to spring fixture.
•Function monitoring is controlled by an intelligent processor. Service is displayed.
•Memory function: Operational data is stored if the power supply fails. The drying cycle is finished in operational safe mode after regeneration.
•Extremely compact, space-saving construction. Installation on smallest foot prints.
•Easy Installation: Ultra.dry compact is series produced and prepared for the widest variety of installations and applications. The multipart distributor enables the compressed air to enter from the left or right. The pre and after filters can be installed either side-by-side, in front of or at the rear of the dryer. Integrated broadband for power supply 100 – 240 VAC, 12 – 24 VDC, 50 – 60 Hz.

Easy Installation:

ultra.dry compact is series produced and prepared for the widest variety of installation and applications. The multipart distributor enables the compressed air entry to be from left or right. The pre and after filters can be installed either beside, in front of or at the rear of the dryer. Integrated broadband for power supply 100–240 VAC, 12–24 VDC, 50–60 Hz.

Ultra.pure – the classic line of heatless adsorption dryers

Ultrafilter’s high-efficiency adsorption dryers remove moisture from the compressed air and therefore guarantee an efficient and secure production process. State-of-the-art technology and specially selected materials are essential for operational safety.

The Ultra.pure is equipped with a cutting edge control system, pre and after-filters, condensate drain and silencer, providing maximum efficiency and operational safety, coupled with low operational costs. With a diverse range of application areas, the Ultra.pure can be tailored to most individual requirements.

The time-controlled adsorption dryer, without capacity control, operates on a predetermined cycle, irrespective of whether the desiccant might be loaded to the maximum. The dryer’s requirement for regeneration air (energy consumption of compressed air) therefore remains constant.

The Ultra.conomy capacity control reduces the energy comsumption by 70% The water load of the dryer depends on the actual operational conditions. If the inlet conditions, airflow, pressure or ambient temperatures vary, the quantity of the water loading will also vary. With a continual dewpoint measurement at the outlet of the dryer, the newly developed “Ultra.conomy“ control will determine the actual amount of moisture that enters the dryer and will assess the optimum time when the dryer requires regenerating whilst maintaining a constant selected dewpoint.

This leads to considerable savings in regeneration air. The following example demonstrates this: a dryer designed for 100 m3/h, 35°C inlet temperature and 7 bar (g) operational pressure uses approx. 15 m3/h regeneration air during a fixed cycle. At an average compressed air requirement of 60%, an average inlet temperature of 30°C and average pressure of 7.2 bar the water load still only amounts to approx. 45% of the original value. On average the dryer is now only using 6.75 m3/h and is therefore saving 8.25 m3 per hour. According to the compressor type and condition this is equivalent to a power consumption of up to 1 kW. At a full cost price of 2 cents per m3 of generated compressed air and 8,000 operating hours per year the saving amounts to Euro 1320.

Ultra.dry heat regenerated adsorption dryer

The value of dry and clean compressed air

In nearly all areas of the industry compressed air is one of the indispensable sources of energy. The application of working, conveying, measuring, controlling and regulating air is just as important as the application in the process technology. The atmospheric inlet air of the compressor contains harmful substances and impurities. Moisture in the form of vapour is condensed out into the compressed air network. This causes expensive damage and a loss in quality. Therefore, processing concepts consisting of filtration and drying are an integral part of every compressed air application.

The drying method is determined by the application. Where very low residual moisture is a requirement in respect of pressure dewpoints below 0°, adsorption drying is applied.

Ultrafilter Adsorption Dryers stand for:
•high energy efficiency
•high reserve capacity reliability
•safe operation
•easy maintenance
•service friendly

Quality products made in Germany

In order to produce heat regenerated adsorption dryers, only components that meet the highest quality standards of production are used. The Quality Assurance system according to ISO 9001 means that all appliances receive the "Quality Product" certification. In combination with the maintenance-friendly and user-friendly construction, absolute reliability and security of operation is ensured.

Energy Save Adsorption dryers made by Ultrafilter without compressed air losses

Based on the standard HRS- models, the HRS-L version is designed for processing requirements at tropical and subtropical ambient conditions. These conditions do not allow for cooling with fresh air. The characteristic feature of the HRS models is a closed loop cooling ( Loop-Version ). A water-cooled heat exchanger cools the air stream heated by the desiccant. From there the cooling air is led back to the inlet port of the blower. For all worldwide climate zones this version offers a pressure dew point of -70°C.

Heat of Compression Dryers

The most economical and energy saving adsorption dryer is heat of compression . Which utilises the hot air from an oil free compressor to release the moisture out of the regeneration adsorption vessel. By using the hot air after the compression process no additional energy is required to regenerate the adsorption dryer.

Universal technology

As with all externally heated adsorption dryers the desorption of the moisture adsorbed in the desiccant of the HRE models takes place with the heated blower air stream. The cooling of the desiccant is conducted with partial flow of the already dried compressed air. Because the cooling process is independent of the ambient conditions HRE models can be used worldwide.
High energy saving

The HRG models, designed according to the existing concept, also belong to the family of blower air regenerated adsorption dryers. The ambient air drawn in by the blower cools the desiccant that was heated during the desorption phase. Thus, compressed air is not used during the desorption or cooling phases.


Adsorption Phase

For HRS units the moisture-containing compressed air flows via the inlet fitting through the desiccant bed. While passing the desiccant bed the water vapour is adsorbed by the hygroscopic adsorbent. The dried compressed air is now discharged into the compressed air network.

Desorption phase without consumption of compressed air

Whilst the adsorption takes place in the one vessel, the other is regenerated. Before the regeneration starts the pressure in the vessel to be regenerated is slowly reduced down to atmospheric pressure. Desorption of the HRS system is conducted with inlet ambient air. A blower compresses the ambient air to regeneration pressure. The temperature increase due to the compression has a positive effect on the energy requirement of the downstream heater. The heater heats up the blower air to the required desorption temperature. The blower air flows in a counter current into the adsorber where it is desorbed and evaporates the water contained in the desiccant.

Cooling without consumption of compressed air

The adjacent cooling of the heated desiccant takes place with ambient air. The feature of the HRS system variation is that after completion of the desorption phase, the blower switches over to vacuum operation. The cool ambient air takes up the heat from the desiccant and via the blower it is conveyed to the atmosphere. The vacuum that occurs during the cooling phase causes a reduction of the desorption temperature. Therefore residual water content in the desiccant is reduced during the cooling cycle. The advantage of the vacuum cooling is the improved regeneration of the desiccant. Consequently with the same energy consumption the vacuum cooling achieves a better quality, respectively at the same quality heat energy is saved.

Ultra.pure fridge dryer
ltra.drain condensate drains
It pays to drain condensates without loss of compressed air An Ultra.drain pays for itself in six months by energy saving. If a time-controlled drain with 3.2 mm opening leaks compressed air at 10 bar every 10 min for 10 sec for one year, costs of approximately Euro 197,00 are incurred. Compare this with Euro 4,50 for supply voltage and zero Euro for compressed air losses using the Ultra.drain. Significantly oil-water separation is improved with in-line separators through lower emulsification of the condensate – especially in comparison with time-controlled drainers. The Ultra.drain is extremely quiet in operation – very important if the drain is used decentrally located workplaces.

Features and advantages:
•Very robust construction of aluminium and fibre glass reinforced plastic cover
•Greatest resistance to aggressive media due to anodised protection
•Ergonomic design: rounded off operating area visible at any height of installation
•As a standard feature the ultra.drain is built with potential free contact
•It can be used anywhere in the world with any desired voltage between 24 V and 230 V without additional voltage transformers.
•Optimum condensate feed via condensate entry from above or from behind
•Simple installation and maintenance
Quality products with 2 years functional guarantee

In order to produce Ultra.drain, only components that meet the highest quality standards of production are used. The Quality Assurance system according as ISO 9001 means that all appliances receive the “Quality Product” certification. In combination with the maintenance friendly and user-friendly construction, absolute reliability and security of operation in ensured, guaranteed by the two-year functional guarantee.

Ultra.sep: the environmentally friendly condensate management system
Condensate purification with Ultra.sep

Condensate with an oil content of 5% on average, is potentially harmful to the environment and must not pass into the wastewater without purification. The specified critical value by legislation is set at a maximum of 20 ppm (measured according to DIN EN ISO 9377-2). – However, certain locally encountered regulations are even more restrictive. Ultra.air systems for oil/ water separation fulfil these requirements, reduce disposal costs and protect the environment.

All sizes have been certified by the DIBT Z54.5-179 – Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (Structural Engineering Institute).

Features and Benefits
•Separation of compressed air condensate regardless of which type of compressor lubricant is applied.
•For each capacity we offer the correct solution; 6 models for compressor capacities ranging from 180m3/h up to 8400m3/h.
•Any type of compressor can be applied.
•Any type of condensate drain may be applied.
•Does not incorporate/require a condensate settling tank, so. there is no bacteria build-up.
•Simple to install.
•Simple and fast filter change procedure.
•Service drain incorporated for draining the heavier models.
•Optical overflow indicator.
•Residual oil content 50 % ensures high dirt-holding capacity at a low differential pressure
•Regeneration by ultrasonic bath.

P-BE sterile filter for sterile tank venting
The Ultrafilter P-BE filter is a wounded depth filter with inner and outer support end caps made from stainless steel. The retention rate is > 99.999% related to 0.01 µm. The three dimensional borosilicate depth media has a large void volume of 95%. This ensures a high dirt containment capacity at a low differential pressure and a high flow rate. The filter media is inherently hydrophobic. All components meet the FDA requirements for the contact with food in accordance with the CFR requirements (Code of Federal Regulations), title 21.

Features and Benefits:

•The filter media is non-fibre releasing
•The element is made without binder or chemical additives.
•The filter element corresponds to cGMP requirements (Current Good Manufacturer Practise) and is produced according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
•The P-BE filter has passed the toxicological tests according to USPXX Class VI.

Process filter for liquids
Ultrafilter GmbH offers a wide range of process filters for fluids. Depending on the desired media and retention rate, we can offer membrane filter elements with an absolute retention rate of depth-filters with a nominal retention rate.

Process filter housings
Stainless steel filter housings for compressed air, technical gases and fluids.

P-EG filter housings are designed for the filtration of compressed air and gases in industrial applications. The optimised construction ensures a high flow rate at low differential pressure.

Features and benefits:
•18 sizes for volume flows from 60 to 23.040 Nm3/h related to 7 bar g.
•Corresponds to the European Directive for pressure vessels 97/23/EG.
•Ultrafilter plug connection ensures safe and secure fitting of filter elements.
•Due to the modular design different element types can be installed

P-BE vent filter for the aeration and de-aeration of sterile storage tanks or containers for transport.
P-BE series filters for the aeration, de-aeration and venting of product are used to ensure 100% sterility in the storage of pharmaceutical products, containers of DI water, food, chemicals, and/or the de-aeration of fermenters. The user-friendly two-piece housing has splash protection to prevent liquids coming into contact with the filter medium and damaging it.

Features and benefits:

•12 sizes for volume flows from 3 to 1980 Nm3/h related to 1 bar.
•Corresponds to the European Directive for pressure vessels 97/23/EG.
•Different filter sizes can be applied. Hydrophobe membrane filter made of polypropyle or teflon with a retention rate down to 0,1 µ can also be used.

PG-EG stainless steel filter housing for process gases
PG-EG filter housings are designed for filtration of compressed air and technical gases in pharmaceutical, biological and chemical applications. Due to the modular design different filter elements can be installed. The range covers pre-filters, sterile filters or membrane filters with retention rates to 0,01 µ.

Features and benefits:
•14 different sizes for volume flows from 7,5 to 2.700 Nm3/h related to 7 bar
•Corresponds to the European Directive for pressure vessels 97/23/EG.
•Plug connection ensures safe and secure fitting of filter elements
•Due to the modular design, different filter elements can be applied
•Condensate drain on the lower side by pharma valve and venting on the upper side by pharma plug.

PF-EG stainless steel filter housings for filtration of liquids
The PF-EG filter housings are designed for pharmaceutical applications. The housings are made with a clamp connection and an electro-polished surface of Ra < 0,5 µ.

Features and benefits:
•12 different sizes for volume flows from 3 to 600 l/min.
•Corresponds to the European Directive for pressure vessels 97/23/EG.
•Bayonet connection ensures safe and secure fixation of filter elements.
•Due to the modular design different filter elements can be used according to the application.
•Clamp connection between upper and lower bowl ensures quick and easy exchange of filter elements.