Google Analytics Certification Exam 91% pass from October 2014

Here are some notes from my colleague on questions I was unsure about…

Q11. This question is asking you about the scope of the variables, and I think the answer is B. A session level interaction must be measured with sessions – so if you want to find out how many sessions which have any ecommerce transactions(same as a goal completion), it will be a session level interaction, but ecommerce transaction itself is a page level interaction. And Pageviews, social interaction are all page level interactions, because such interaction will be triggered as soon as a page or an event loaded.

Q24. Should be B, please note it’s asking ‘Digital Analytics’, not ‘Google Analytics’, so it is a much broader topic, and yes qualitative data such as user experience survey is important to digital analytics.

Q44. This one should be B. If you choose to replace all ‘/index’ with ‘/home/’, something like this may happen: if the website has an url ‘’, this will be replaced as ‘’, which is obviously not what you wanted.

Q46. This one should be E. the unique pageview of a page during one session can either be 0 or 1. If the user didn’t visit the page during the session, then unique pageview is 0 for that page, otherwise it’s 1 no matter how many times the user visited the same page during one session. So unique pageviews of a page = number of session which included a view of a page.

Let me know what else I got wrong and good luck with your study!!