Read, Watch, Listen – “Google Analytics Crash Course” with David Kutcher

So you have your Business Strategy, your website, and few social networks, and you’re gaining some followers.

Next you’ve started to produce some content, maybe you’ve even sold a few products. Things are looking pretty good, right?

Ok now’s a good time to get under the hood and look at your traffic. Where are your visitors coming from? How many visitors do you have a day? Which pages are they landing on and what actions are they taking?

These are just some of the questions that I get asked from our subscribers over at

People want to know about this tool.

So it’s time to call in an expert.

This week I have invited David Kutcher, a Google Top Contributor, and Blogger Expert. This guy knows his way around analytics.

2:55 What is Google Analytics and why is it so important?
3:41 The difference between Google Webmaster and Analytics
5:15 When is the best time to install Google Analytics?
6:01 How do I install Google Analytics?
6:50 3 things I need to focus on when I am getting started with Google Analytics?
8:51 How to install GA recap
9:28 How to develop a good Analytics plan of action
11:24 What are some examples of “notes” that you make in your GA?
14:04 Explaining the GA terms (Visits, Bounce Rate, Page Views, etc)
14:30 Visits
15:18 Unique Visitors
15:44 Page Views
16:16 Pages per Visit. What’s a good average?
18:04 Bounce Rate. What is a good range?
19:20 Direct relationship between Bounce Rate and SEO
20:26 Percentage of New Visits
21:57 Use of plugin vs hand coded GA installation
22:38 Where do you install the code? Head or Footer?
23:52 Can you know exactly who has visited your website?
25:08 Can I use GA with E-Commerce?
25:48 GA to track Social Media?
26:09 Are there other tracking services?


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