Data Analytics for Beginners -Introduction to Data Analytics

Hello and Welcome to data analytics tutorial conducted by ACADGILD. It’s an interactive online tutorial.
Here are the topics covered in this training video:
• Data Analysis and Interpretation
• Why do I need an Analysis Plan?
• Key components of a Data Analysis Plan
• Analyzing and Interpreting Quantitative Data
• Analyzing Survey Data
• What is Business Analytics?
• Application and Industry facts
• Importance of Business analytics
• Types of Analytics & examples
• Data for Business Analytics
• Understanding Data Types
• Categorical Variables
• Data Coding
• Coding Systems
• Coding, coding tip
• Data Cleaning
• Univariate Data Analysis
• Statistics Describing a continuous variable distribution
• Standard deviation
• Distribution and percentiles
• Analysis of categorical data
• Observed Vs Expected Distribution
• Identifying and solving business use cases
• Recognizing, defining, structuring and analyzing the problem
• Interpreting results and making the decision
• Case Study
Get started with Data Analytics with this tutorial. Happy Learning

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