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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead

Swimming with white tip shark, GBR, Australia

Swimming with white tip shark, GBR, Australia

Project Green Light

Project Green Light

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Youth Organizing Leader

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Minnesota DFL Party
June 2014 – Present (1 month)|St. Paul, MN
-Work in the Field Department under the supervision of the DFL’s Youth Director.
-Work with and receive mentorship from staff members and candidates from campaigns all across the state.
-Work with my team members to engage in voter contact efforts
-Use the VAN (Voter Activation Network) database system to record voter contact efforts.
-Recruit and train volunteer teams both during the summer.
-Establish relationships with key stakeholders in my area including elected officials and DFL activists.

Job Qualifications were: Strong interpersonal skills. A deep commitment to the Democratic Party and its policy goals. Willingness to learn new skills and to work with others in a team environment. Ability to meet deadlines and handle multiple projects at once. Ability to keep cool under pressure.

UF Sustainability Committee Member

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University of Florida
August 2013 – Present (11 months)|Gainesville, Florida Area
One of two students at UF selected by the Dean of Students to be on the UF Sustainability Committee with UF First Lady Chris Machen, the UF Director of Sustainability Matthew Williams and 15 other faculty members elected by the faculty senate, faculty or staff appointed by the President’s designee.

"This committee promotes sustainability within the University and in the University’s relations with the larger community and seeks to enhance the University’s standing as a global leader in sustainability.

It assesses the progress of the University of Florida’s sustainability efforts as compared to national and international best practices and pursues their implementation when appropriate.

It aids in the development of policy with the Office of Sustainability and participates in the annual evaluations of that Office, its director and academic officer."…

University of Florida

UF Office of Sustainability Intern

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University of Florida
August 2012 – Present (1 year 11 months)
2012-13 Work as liason between Stacie Greco, Water Conservation Coordinator for Alachua County Environmental Protection Department and Office of Sustainability for Sorority Water Challenge. Project involved motivating and informing 2000 sorority women to reduce water use. Managed/updated social media for the contest.

*Panhellenic Council was a winner of University of Florida "Champions for Change" Award April 2013. Accepted award from UF President Machen and UF First Lady Chris Machen.

One of the presenters for UF of the Sorority Water Challenge in Nashville October 6-9 at North America’s largest higher education sustainability conference (AASHE).

In The Spotlight: Sami Head, Alix Kermes, & Erin Magliozzi

In The Spotlight: Sami Head, Alix Kermes, & Erin Magliozzi

"Leadership in Sustainability" Alix Kermes, 4th Annual Florida Sustainability Summit

"Leadership in Sustainability" Alix Kermes, 4th Annual Florida Sustainability Summit

UF Green Gator Challenge Director

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University of Florida Gators Going Green
October 2013 – Present (9 months)|Gainesville, Florida Area
Director of the program designed to encourage individuals to become involved in the sustainability movement during their time here at UF.

This challenge is open to all undergraduate students. Individuals who complete the Challenge by the semester of their graduation will receive a green cord to be worn during graduation.…

University of Florida

UF Study Abroad Peer Advisor

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University of Florida
September 2013 – Present (10 months)
Study Abroad Peer Advisors work with the UF International Center at special events throughout the year.

Attend pre-departure and re-entry sessions, the study abroad fair and the study abroad information sessions.

Peer Advisors are trained to present and answer questions about topics such as the main types of study abroad programs offered at UF, the transfer of credits from foreign institutions, and receiving financial aid while abroad.

SAPA are frequently present at student organization meetings, First Year Florida classes, dormitories, and other gatherings as well as being available for individual advising.

UF In Kenya Study Abroad: Ecology of East African Savannas

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University of Florida
June 2014 – Present (1 month)|Kenya
Kenya, Africa June 1-21, 2014 with UF’s Dr. Todd Palmer. Studies at Mpala Research Center focusing on the Laikipia plateau and conflict between people and wildlife mostly outside of formally protected wildlife areas including:
-field identification of mammals, birds, insects, and plants
-experience in designing and conducting ecological experiments
-abundance and diversity estimation of small and large mammals
-mist netting for songbirds
-radio-telemetry methods
-camera trapping methods and occupancy estimation
-geographic information systems (GIS) and global positioning systems

Three goals of program:
-Experience firsthand Kenya’s extraordinary natural landscapes, and learn the tools and skills necessary to evaluate the health, functioning and integrity of the ecosystems encountered.
-Hone skills of scientific observation and learn key ecological and wildlife monitoring methods. Conduct a variety of student-led research projects, enriching understanding of the principles and practice of wildlife ecology and conservation.
-To understand the human dimension of the human-wildlife conflict through first-hand experiences with local people whose livelihood depends on the land in this culturally rich region of East Africa.

Cultural Immersion-Learning from others

Cultural Immersion-Learning from others

Internship in Nassau, Bahamas

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Dolphin Encounters Ltd
December 2013 – January 2014 (2 months)|Nassau, Bahamas
Internship working at Dolphin Encounters during UF Winter break. Dolphin Encounters is a facility offering educational marine mammal interactive programs for encountering California sea lions and swimming with Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins in Nassau, Bahamas. Some duties include fish preparation, pool maintenance, record-keeping and duties in the areas of animal training, education programs, guest relations and customer service.

Internship at Dolphin Encounters

Internship at Dolphin Encounters

Event Staff/Intern

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Renewable Energy World North America 2013/PennWell
November 2013 – November 2013 (1 month)|Orlando, Florida Area
Working for Jennifer Runyon, Managing Editor, and Renewable Energy World Magazine, Conference Chair, Renewable Energy World

University of Florida

UF In North Queensland, Australia Study Abroad: Humans and Environment

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University of Florida
June 2013 – June 2013 (1 month)
-Studied the natural history, biogeography, ecological diversity, and related social and cultural contexts of Australia through an exploration of Queensland’s network of national parks and protected areas, which encompass the Outback, rainforests, coastlines, marine reserves, and offshore islands;

-Studied the impacts of human actions on the natural systems, and human responses to those changes, using the case of Queensland, Australia;

-Developed an understanding of ecological education practices, integrated natural resource management, and conservation actions throughout Queensland, Australia;

-Able to address relationships between human societies and their natural environments from multiple disciplinary perspectives and to develop a complex, multi-faceted and holistic view of human – environment connections that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries.

-Worked as an effective member of an interdisciplinary research team

Alix Kermes in North Queensland, Australia

Alix Kermes in North Queensland, Australia

The World is a classroom. UF at Great Barrier Reef

The World is a classroom. UF at Great Barrier Reef

University of Florida

UF in Fiji Study Abroad: Humans and Environment

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University of Florida
May 2013 – June 2013 (2 months)|Fiji
Fiji Program:
=Examined Human and Cultural Aspects of Fijian Society:Focus on Ecotourism and Sustainability.

-Studied a Successful Ecotourism Business

-Conducted an Ethnography in a Fijian Village.

-Conducted a Study of an Island Tourism Resort.

-Examined human and cultural aspects of Fijian ecology and the conservation, preservation, and management of Fiji’s unique system of marine, coastal, and mountain/rainforest natural resources.

-Studied Applications in cross-cultural analysis and techniques to explore the management and conservation of natural resources with a focus on issues related to human use of plant, forestry, wildlife, ecology, recreation and tourism, and/or coastal/water resources.

Fiji-Focus on Ecotourism & Sustainability

Fiji-Focus on Ecotourism & Sustainability

University of Florida

UF in Costa Rica Study Abroad: Green Energy & Sustainable Systems

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University of Florida
March 2013 – March 2013 (1 month)|Costa Rica
Traveled with UF Prof. Leslie Paul Thiele, Director of Sustainability Studies, Ph.D, Princeton, to Costa Rica.

Primary focus was renewable energy, it also investigated sustainable business enterprise, sustainable agriculture, social justice practices, and cultural sustainability.

Visited Commercial Energy Facility Sites, including: Geothermal Plant 10MW, Hydroelectric Plant (low pressure and high pressure), Biomass Cogeneration Plants (sugar, rice), Wind Energy

Explored Sustainability Projects, including: Bio methane cogeneration, Sustainable houses, development, and agriculture, Biological reforestation and carbon sequestration, Implementation of residential solar energy
(Open)1 project

Green Energy & Sustainable Systems

Green Energy & Sustainable Systems

GREEN – Global Renewable Energy Education Network


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GREEN – Global Renewable Energy Education Network
March 2013 – March 2013 (1 month)|Costa Rica

ProjectsAddRe-order section

Costa Rica Carbon Offset TeamEdit
March 2013
1. The history and current status of carbon offset programs globally
2. The pros and cons of carbon offset programs, and an evaluation of best practices
3. The carbon footprint of our trip to Costa Rica and an assessment of how it could be offset through two of the top carbon offset programs currently available, as well as through Roberta’s Reserve.

This section considered the total carbon…more

CoursesEditRe-order section

University of Florida
•Agricultural and Natural Resources Ethics (AEB4126)
•Human Resources Management in Agribusiness (AEB4424)
•Agricultural Risk Management and the Law (AEB4085)
•Agricultural & Natural Resources Law (AEB4123)
•International Development Policy (AEB4283)
•Comparative World Agriculture (AEB3671)
•International Trade Policy In Agriculture (AEB4242)
•Agricultural and Environmental Quality (ALS3133)
•Principles of Microeconomics (ECO2023)
•Working with Nonprofit Organizations (FYC4409)
•Global Africa-African Studies (AFS4935)
•Accelerated Spanish (SPN1134)
•Intermediate Spanish I (SPN2200)
•Carbon Offset Capstone Project (IDS4956)
•Facets of Sustainability (IDS2154)
•Sustainability & The Changing Earth (GLY2038)
•Oceanography (OCE1001)
•Costa Rica Sustainability Independent Study (IDS4905)
•Writing about Ecology (ENC1145)
•Anthropology of Sustainability (ANT2402)
•Ecology of East African Savannas-Zoology (ZOO4926)
•Classical Antiquity and Sustainability (CLA2521)
•Evolutionary Developmental Biology (ZOO3603C)
•Biodiversity Conservation: Global Perspectives (WIS2552)
•North Queensland I-Humans and the Environment (LEI4955)
•North Queensland II- Humans and the Environment (LEI4955)
•Fiji- Humans and the Environment (LEI4955)

Volunteer Experience & CausesAddRe-order section


"Project Green Light"
April 2011 – June 2011 (3 months)|Environment
"223 4-H members from Freeborn County and 206 4-H members from Mower County, plus parents and friends, participated in the effort. Within an hour, the 4Hers had amassed an impressive 1,148 pounds of food (1,255 items) and $278 in donations for the Salvation Army Food Shelf, as well as 1,356 old light bulbs. All 4,000 CFL bulbs had been distributed, creating an estimated savings of $261,019 worth…more

University of Florida Dance Marathon DancerEditRe-order

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
April 2013|Children
An annual 26.2-hour event where along with other dancers I stayed awake and on my feet to raise money and awareness for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at Shands Hospital for Children at UF. Standing for so many hours symbolizes both the physical and emotions challenges the patients at Shands Hospital for Children at UF experience every day. Honored to be a part of this fundraiser and there…more


University of Florida Clean Water Campaign
April 2013|Environment
Involves placing 4-inch round vinyl adhesive discs that read "No Dumping: Drains to Lake Alice" (or another UF water-body) at the top of street-level storm drain curbs. The discs are meant to make people aware of the connection between storm water runoff and water-body pollution, and to help prevent careless behaviors that pollute our waters


UF REthink Campaign
April 2013|Environment
Helping on Collection day. Worked at O’Connell Center parking lot collecting:
-Personal hazardous and electronic waste to be taken to the Alachua County Hazardous Waste Collection,
-University assets and IT equipment be processed by Asset Management
-School supplies to be donated to Tools for Schools
-Books to be donated to Better World Books
-Gently used clothing and small household items…more

Opportunities you are looking for:Edit
How would you like to donate your time and talent?

Causes you care about:Edit
Topics and causes that matter to you.•Animal Welfare
•Economic Empowerment
•Human Rights
•Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
•Poverty Alleviation

Organizations you support:Edit
What are your favorite organizations?•St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
•Childrens Miracle Network

Honors & AwardsAddRe-order section

2012 Discus Awards WinnerEditRe-order

Discus Awards
May 2012
Honoring All-Around High School Student in Government, Community Service and Green.

$10,000 State Winner (Minnesota)EditRe-order

The AXA Achievements Scholarship in association with U.S. News & World Report
May 2012
One of Fifty-two winners – one from each state, the District of Colombia and Puerto Rico – are selected by Scholarship America and received one-time scholarship award of $10,000.

Winners chosen based on these qualities:
Ambition and drive
Determination to set and reach goals
Respect for self, family and community
Ability to succeed in college

LanguagesEditRe-order section


Native or bilingual proficiency


Limited working proficiency

OrganizationsAddRe-order section

Delta Delta Delta SororityEditRe-order section

Member, House Manager 2013-14, Sustainability Chair 2012-13, Homecoming Chair 2013, UF Greeks Going Green Delegate 2013-14
October 2012 – Present

Order of OmegaEditRe-order section

February 2014 – Present
Members are selected from the top 3 percent of Greeks at each institution nationally. Order of Omega is an honor society for members of Greek organizations that represents the four pillars of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The organization recognizes juniors and seniors who have exemplified high standards in the areas of scholarship, leadership, and involvement within their…more

Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor SocietyEditRe-order section

March 2014 – Present
Promotes career development, encourage academic excellence, and also the principles of Dedication, Enthusiasm, and Initiative in all aspects of campus life. Minimum Cumulative GPA of 3.30

National Society of Collegiate ScholarsEditRe-order section

April 2013 – Present
Members must be a first or second year college student in the top 10 percent of your class with a GPA of 3.4 or above. An honors organization that recognizes and elevates high achievers.

International Marine Animal Trainer’s AssociationEditRe-order section

Student Member
September 2013 – Present

YMCA Youth In GovernmentEditRe-order section

College Resident Advisor, MN State Capitol, St. Paul, MN
January 2013 – January 2013

Skills & EndorsementsEditRe-order section

Top Skills

16Sustainable Energy




10Time Management

9Team Leadership

8Environmental Issues

7Project Coordination


Alix also knows about…


6Event Management

5Charismatic Leadership

5Renewable Energy

5Sustainability Reporting


2Microsoft Office


Volunteer Management

Public Affairs with…

EducationAdd educationRe-order section

University of Florida

University of Florida

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Bachelor’s Degree, 4th Year, Projected Graduation June 2015
2012 – 2015 (expected)
Activities and Societies: UF Sustainability Committee Member, Office of Sustainability Intern, Florida Greek Ambassador, Director of Green Gator Challenge, Delta Delta Delta, Study Abroad Peer Advisor (SAPA), Volunteer at Sustainability Hut, UF Clean Water Campaign, UF REthink Campaign, Order of Omega, National Society of Collegiate Scholars
(Open)27 courses, including:

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Sustainability Studies
2011 – 2011
UCLA Anderson School of Management’s Center for International Business Education and Research’s (CIBER) Global Green Business Week for Young Leaders

Additional InfoRe-order section


Adventure. Adrenalin Junkie. Skydiving (over Great Barrier Reef,
Australia 2013),
Bungee Jumping (Cairns,
Australia 2013),
Skydiving (MN 2012),
Boating (license since age 16),
Snowmobiling (license since age 13),
Skiing/Snowboarding (since young),
White water rafting (Costa Rica 2012),
Ziplining Costa Rica,
2012 & 2013),
Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED : valid 2 Yrs from Apr 2013

Personal DetailsEdit

Advice for Contacting AlixEdit

Email: [email protected]


Kara Hartnett Hurst

Michael Chenard

Bob Hollis

Paolo Mandrelli

Bruno Sarda

Charlotte Vick

Steve Hartig

Vivian Rigal

Stephan Levitsky

Nicholas Constant

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AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education)

Delta Delta Delta

Political Campaign Managers, Consultants and Candidates

Running Start: Bringing Young Women to Politics

Society for Conservation Biology

The Fulbright Program – Official Group

U.S. Agency for International Development


Leadership & Management

Recruiting & Hiring

Social Impact

Renewable Energy of Florida "REIFL"

GreenBiz Consulting Services

Citizens Climate Lobby

Dolphin Research Center

Minnesota Energy Ethanol Plant

Dolphin Encounters Ltd

Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Youchange Foundation

All Things Career

Buckeye Technologies

Minnesota DFL Party

Gulf Coast Energy Network

Midwest Renewable Energy Association

Southern African Wildlife College

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Swimming with white tip shark, Participating in University of Florida research project, Great Barrier Reef, Australia.