Gear4Gamers LE Nissan GT-R 34 BP Racing Sneak Peek 1

This is a Nissan GT-R34 MINE respec V tricked out to 9.9 speed, and 9’s for acceleration and launch, handling can be increased with front splitter and rear spoiler but this baby is built for breaking 400kph, which it does, regularly. Faster than the famed Astin Martin Lola on a stretch with the beautiful roar of a stock car engine mixed with the whines and appropriate hisses of twin racing turbos.

No punches were pulled on this baby, and in true suicide machine fashion a roll cage was left out to minimise weight. Carbon fiber racing parts are a BPR creation, inspired in part by the Nissan V8 Supercar Safety Car, with attention to detail from general electrical certification docket to towing tag, from grey plastic inserts undermounting the front lights through to to-the-pixel clean lines thanks to my 60" plasma and spending the night on my knees in front of it.

This baby is almost complete, a sneak peek of the (yet unfinished) project for can be found by searching the Forza storefront for ‘’, the design is up in the state it’s in atm and free to download, hence the meaning of the word give-away I’d guess!