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Information as a Commodity
BBB – 4M
By : J Perkins HPEDSB
Focus of the Presentation
Legal Protection
Licensing Arrangements
Counterfeiting and Piracy
The Offenders
Joint Ventures

Types of Legal Rights
Copyright ©
Protect artists from having their work copied without receiving compensation
Eg. Painting, photographs, music, computer programs, maps, books, radio communications, song lyrics

An automatic right of creator, unless hired
CDN law : no one can publish, perform, translate or alter without permission
Copyright inherited by heirs for 50 yrs.
Can be sold by author

Patents ®
Protects designs and inventions
Apply to federal gov’t for patent, investigated, approved, registered
Gives inventor sole right to make, sell, use
Provides incentive to do research
Eg. Costs millions $ to develop new medicines
Pharmaceutical company wants to be sure of sales and recovering their costs

Trademarks ™
Words, symbols, designs, that identify a product or company from its competition

Ordinary TMs :

Certification marks :
owned by an organization,
indicates standards have been met

Distinguishing guises :
unique shaped packaging or containers
Industrial Design
Applies to anything made by tool, hand, or machine, with distinctive features such as shape
Must register design
Protects proprietor for 10 years

Integrated Circuit Topography
Gives creator a 10 year right on design of electronic circuitry
eg. Ipod circuit board
GPS tracking circuit board

Canada has reciprocal agreements with most countries it exports to

Licensing Agreements
Allows other organizations to use a copyright or patent with proprietor’s permission, for a FEE or ROYALTY
Eg. Disney characters on watches, t-shirts
Coca Cola licensed its formula to overseas bottling plants
Can involve educational institutes, governments, libraries, organization
Royalty is a % of sales or profits

Counterfeit Brands or “knock-offs”
Joint Ventures
Legal restrictions or regulations (standards required) may mean the only way into a foreign market is partnering with a local business
A business in one country can offer expertise, capital, technology, or knowledge to a business in a foreign country.
An agreement to share assets, control, and knowledge for mutual benefit.
Conditions for a Joint Venture
May require local government approval
Sometimes conditions attached :
Hire local workers
Provide training on skills, safety
Develop health and educational facilities in community, if a long term project
Shared financial risk
Cooperation between companies

Canadian Joint Ventures