Does Analytics Require Coding Background: Centennial College’s Marketing Research and Analytics Program Worth Let’s find out and do you know learning marketing is not that hard these days due to online courses from Lynda.
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My name is Siddharth from India. I am Bachelor of Business Administration graduate and had completed my Advance Digital marketing Training Program from Delhi school of internet marketing, Bangalore. I have certifications in google analysis, adwords, facebook blueprint, social media marketing, seo, e-commerce.

Now I want to immigrate to Canada. I have seen your video where you spoke about Post Grad diploma in Digital Marketing and hence told to chose Analytics.
Does analytics require coding background? I don’t want my digital marketing course to go waste. I did a research and found this course. can you pl go through this and tell me what should i do?

I also checked out the course you mentioned at Seneca college.

kindly reply,

Do you know know that Analytics for Coding, Analytics for Programming and Analytics for Marketing are very valauble skill which is high in demand these days in Canda.
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