Why should you become a technical Wind Turbine

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How I decided to become technical Wind
Before I started looking into a career as a technician wind turbine , which was a waiter. I was just trying to survive with the amount of money that was in this dead end job . I tried college , I studied business for two years before deciding that I could not live with myself if I ended up working a desk job .
I had long had a natural curiosity for the production of electricity , renewable and clean energy, and electromagnetism. I like to play with magnetic toys and watch YouTube videos on the fascinating subject. Finally I found a school that focuses on training people for careers in the field of renewable energies. While I was researching the subject , something in me "click". I wanted to be a coach of the wind turbine. Now I am not regret , I just want to share my success and help others in the same routine I found myself in.
It has become the perfect alternative to my stagnant life. I came to this conclusion through a process of rationalization of my desires and fears.I feared : • work in a dead end job• make barely enough money to survive• spending money and precious time in finishing college, only to be disappointed with the race that ended with• work an office job and rarely see the light of dayWanted:• Work with professional development opportunities• earn enough money to live comfortably and be overemphasized that pay the bills
• have an intellectual disability
• working outdoors and close to nature
• feel excited about my life and my career
When I discovered it was a technical wind turbine , what they do, how much money they earn, and the time it would take to become one, all aligned with my desires.
Try to tell me this does not sound tempting ;Wind Turbine Technicians :• are in high demand
• do everything and many times more than the average graduate , some making up to $ 150,000 per year
• You only need to go to school for less than a year
• Learn the basics of electricity and energy, knowledge that can benefit many other areas of their lives
• working out and healthy mentally and physical environment
• contribute to a cleaner environment and pollutes more
• receive comprehensive services, such as health insurance, 401k , retirement , paid holidays , sick and vacation
The wind industry is booming and there is a chance. The attractiveness of the wind industry is undeniable, and with the cost of wind power now rivals oil and gas demand is high. Wind farms , where many turbines are installed in one location for easy control , are under construction worldwide . More than 45,100 wind turbines installed in the United States alone , and the wind farms located in more than 70 countries , there is a great demand for workers to keep these things going. That’s why these wind energy companies can pay very well.
Wind energy is everywhere , is not going anywhere soon.How To Make a Wind Technician ?
Windmill A technician is a person who performs the corrective and preventive maintenance , and troubleshooting various problems in wind turbines .
Wind Turbine Technicians or " technical " wind must be equipped with a specialized device and diversified skills to do their job . The core competence – set of wind technology is a deep working knowledge of mechanical , hydraulic, and electrical systems . Troubleshooting such systems is a daily task for wind technology . Understanding the operation of the crane is in good condition and as a crane for lifting tools and materials engineers at the top of the tower, where most of the work is done. Are you afraid of heights? Because wind technicians must be able to work comfortably with an average of 300 meters. This is one of my favorite parts of the job. It is a healthy workout and the view from the top of the towers are impressive. It is essential that wind technicians are healthy enough to perform at least an increase in revolutions per day. There is usually a managed society " mount – test " will determine if you are healthy enough to perform the essential functions of the job .What do you pay ?
Because the demand is so high for wind turbine technicians , and because the wind technicians require a very specific set of skills , companies can afford to pay good salaries. Salaries for this position are comparable to what the holder of a bachelor’s degree earn an average . Personally, I started making more money each year than any of my friends who have earned four-year college degrees ! Usually wind technicians with several years behind earn about $ 50,000 per year. Win raises each year is standard. Depending on the length of time in the industry and the scope of work , some wind technicians can earn up to $ 150,000 in a year! Entry level positions start range from $ 15 – $ 21 per hour. The lowest rate since I’ve seen is $ 15 per hour , and it looks like $ 17 – $ 18 is the average start entry level . Higher salary can be paid to basic education or relevant technical experience level .
Work time is expected, since the wind will not stop blowing and as time is money , technicians must quickly establish wind turbines . The good news is , working in the duration is usually paid time and a half , so this is where technicians can earn big money. Working time is one of the best feelings , knowing that the money is just rolling in.
There are many technical travel jobs, forcing them to turn around several wind parks need these guys are generally better paid and paid and paid "per diem " days. This helps cover the cost of travel expenses , lodging and food. Save this Technical Frugal travel and live modestly , eventually winning a much larger amount per year.
Most wind energy companies also offer a benefits package in addition to the great reward . This includes :• Health Insurance
• Life Insurance
• 401 – K
• Dental
• Vision
• paid leave
Most companies offer annual bonuses , and some offer a pension. This is a fairly complete set for a career that does not require a degree to workHow to Become a Tech Wind
There are a variety of routes to become a technical wind turbine . The good news is that there is a certification standard to become a wind turbine technology . There are many community and educational programs could be used to get hired . A good tip is to look at a wind turbine technician job offers . Try WC as indeed.com . The list contains valuable information about what the company needs to achieve this position.
Companies often give preference to those with two or more years in a related field. Related areas include:• Electricians
• Mechanics
• appliance repair
• anything related to wind turbines (cleaning, construction)
• Troubleshooting of all typesIf you experience this, and you can apply !For those who have related experience :• You can get a certification training wind technicians . Many community colleges and trade schools are jumping on board with the addition of wind technician program for their programs. Take your time and do your research when choosing a school . Because there is no standard certification , some schools have programs under. Some programs can be completed in two months, two years. Consider your budget and time when choosing a school . Talk to students enrolled in the program and have an idea of ​​the quality of the quality of education is . • Take a position of turbine maintenance . This is the fast track to becoming a technician if you have no experience or training. Many companies hire someone to work strictly maintain the turbines. His responsibilities will be limited, but it is a good way to get to the turbines and get a foot in the door. Indeed, allowing a smooth transition to becoming a full blown wind technology later.In summary• There is a strong demand for wind turbine technicians
• wind turbine technicians have a wide range of skills. Transfer to another race would be easy
• Wind turbine technicians are well paid
• Wind Turbine Technicians come from a variety of backgrounds
• wind turbine technicians have the flexibility in their ability to reach their jobs
Being a technical Wind is exciting , dangerous, rewarding , challenging and lucrative. I hope you will join me in this work is increasingly break the mold and facing new frontiers.