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Here’s how to eliminate ghost visits from your Google Analytics reports…


About a month ago I showed you an analytics report that had bad referral data in it. Here’s a link to that video if you haven’t see it…

Then a couple weeks ago I showed you how to eliminate that referral spam,

Now, in this video, I am going to show you how to clean up another source of bad analytics data. This time we will eliminate ghost visits.

What are ghost visits?

These show up in your analytics reports as actual visits to your site, but no one ever showed up.

You can find them by going to the Audience Menu, click on Technology, and then choose Network. From there click on Hostname.

Anything you see on the hostname list, that is not a legitimate URL of your website, is a ghost visit.

Is it worth cleaning these up?

You bet it is. I have seen sites with as much as 85% of their visits are ghost visits. Imagine how that is skewing their understanding of what happens on their site!

Creating a filter to block ghost visits is straight forward and easy.
Simply follow along with me on the video, and you can prevent new ghost visits from showing up in your analytics reports.

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