In this video I review and its online learning resources to help you decide if edx is any good, or if edx is right for you. There are a lot of questions, like what are edx tutorials?
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– Best Edx Review?
– Are edx Tutorials any good?
– what is the difference between edx and coursera?
– how to pick the best online learning course?

How to earn college credit, develop skills, and advance your career through online educational courses and tutorials from MOOC learning colleges


Founded in 2012 by Harvard and MIT is a leading force in the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) industry. They have more than 90 partners around the world ranking as the top education resources in their fields. is constantly revising their courses and teaching strategy to ensure the highest quality courses possible. They look analyze the learners involvement, time spent on each video, as well as the review and employment rate from the learners of each course. They don’t simply want to offer courses, they want to offer training and skill development that actually makes a tangible difference in the future work force! Partners

As stated before edX partners with the top universities around the world. Including but not limited to:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T.)
Columbia University
University of Pennsylvania
Boston University
Georgia Tech
University of Michigan
The University of British Columbia
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
University of California San Diego Endorsements

They have received endorsements by multiple leaders in the world economy. This is one of the most important aspect of receiving an online education. Will your education receive recognition from your future employer/job prospect?

At Jobs in the Future we want to see you succeed and receive the job or career that you desire to achieve. Don’t receive a half-baked online education from an unqualified resources. Get the best online education from, endorsed by companies including, but not limited to:

General Electric
Adobe Software
Volvo Motors
Fidelity Financial Services
Rethink Robotics

Proof of Completion Credentials

Occasionally you may want to pick up a course just to grow you knowledge or know a new skill. But more often I find that people are taking these courses to develop their skills and position themselves to step into a new career or job opportunity. With a verified certificate from you will have the proof needed to prove your hard work and the skills you have acquired on your resume.

You Can Earn College Credit with!

One of the greatest benefits of edX is the ability for you to earn official college credit from the Arizona State University! If you need to knock out some of those basic prereqs, edX has you covered!

Get ahead and take courses online before you ever step onto campus!

Pursue an Accelerated and Affordable Masters Degree!

Offering over 35 masters courses and counting. is the perfect place to advance your career. On your own timing and within your budget you can increase your skills and reach for a higher position and salary in your field.

Now is the time to dive into an online course to build skills and achieve higher salary opportunities in your career. From Forbes to pcmag edX is all the rave on the rave for the present and future of education.

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