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In this tutorial, you will know about how big data works and what are the problems an Big Data Expert face. Big Data use Hadoop and SQL as a basic requirement to run Big Data. How you can make the career in Big Data & How you can grow.

Key points of Big Data Interview Question

0:42 What is the typical day for a Big Data Engineer?

2:42 What do you need to get into the Big Data Industry?

4:24 Which books would you recommend for an introduction to Big Data?

8:10 What’s the future of a Big Data Engineer?

9:25 Which website or resource is the best to learn about the foundation of Big Data?


Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition:


Interviewed Course on Apache Kylin by Michael Enudi =

What is Big Data?
How does Big Data work?
Big Data Engineer
What is Hadoop?
what is SQL?
Big Data Analytics

learn all this topic at

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