This tutorial on Google Analytics is an introduction to the Analytics concept, how Google Analytics works, why it is needed for seo campaigns, how to configure Google Analytics and plugin configuration, how to check real time analytics, user flows, acquisition and in page analytics.

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Why take this course?
Getting higher results on the search engine results page is one of the best ways to market your brand and sell your goods and services. The best part of SEO is that unlike paid ads you don’t have to pay Google any money for getting ranked based on SEO. The potential for SEO professionals with the right proficiency is very high. This can help you get lucrative job offers from best companies.

What you will learn in this course?
1.This course will be covering following topics:
2.Learn SEO fundamentals
3.Understand importance of content in SEO
4.Study SEO best practices and how it improves ranking
5.A/B testing to get the best results
6.Link-building for off-page optimization
7.Using social media, blogs, forums for greater success
8.Deploying user generated content and reviews
9.Mastering various tools, platforms and techniques
10.Learning how Google bots work and benefiting from it
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