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Several Google Analytics Exam Questions:

– To collect how many times users download a product catalog, what would you set up?
– What scope would you apply for a Custom Dimension that collects for users who log into your website?
– You may apply a new Custom Channel Group retroactively to organize data that has previously collected.
– Which of these CANNOT be collected by the default Analytics tracking code?
– What URL tag does AdWords add to the destination URL using autotagging?
– Which of these is NOT possible when you link your AdWords account to Google Analytics?
– Which reports require you to activate Advertising Features?
– Which reports require you to activate Advertising FeaturesWhich reports require you to activate Advertising Features?
– If the Google Merchandise Store sets up a URL goal of “/ordecomputer” and a Match type of “Begins with”, which of the following pages on will NOT count as a goal?v
– What will happen if you install the same default tracking code on pages with different domains?
– Auto-tagging is used to collect data from which kinds of traffic?
– Which filter would you apply if you only wanted to include data from a campaign titled “Back to School” in Campaign reports?
– To recognize users across different devices, what feature must you enable?
– Which report helps you understand which kinds of mobile devices were used to visit your website?
– Which of these criteria CANNOT be used to create a Custom Segment?
– Which report can compare metrics based on user acquisition date over a series of weeks?
– Which of these is NOT a benefit of using segments in your data analysis?
– Which of these is NOT a benefit of using segments in your data analysis?

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