Analytics Academy instructor, Krista Seiden, and Charles Farina of Analytics Pros host a Q&A session to answer the most popular Google Analytics questions from our new courses, Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics.

4:35 – What are your best tips for using Google Analytics for YouTube?
7:19 – When you have multiple instances of GA could this possibly produce unreliable data?
8:27 – What’s the best way to track conversions given two properties hosted on different domains?
9:28 – I have the same page in different countries. How can I see that page broken out by user per country?
10:31 – For an ecommerce platform that has been signing in to an account as optional in order to buy a product how would you set up destination goals or the funnel buying process in Enhanced Ecommerce to account for both scenarios?
10:55 – Enhanced Ecommerce example
12:17 – What is the best practice you suggest to track multi-device and multi-channel conversions in Ecommerce?
13:40 – How can I report on a click event on an HTML page that does not take the visitor to a new URL?
14:05 – Advanced Course U2L5 – Event Tracking:
14:42 – Can you show us how to set up a simple custom report?
14:59 – Advanced Course U3L4:
15:59 – How can I see what links my readers click on on my site?
16:23 – DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager for WordPress Plugin:
16:57 – Google Tag Manager Analytics Academy Course:
17:08 – How do I get my WordPress categories into Google Analytics?
17:41 – Is there a way to look at sessions per page, instead of pageviews, by a particular source?
18:56 – Linking Search Console to Google Analytics demo
20:38 – Measuring Custom Campaigns Google Analytics for Beginners Unit 4 Lesson 1:
22:47 – How do you setup Google Analytics to track the download history of pdf documents?
23:30 – Is there an efficient, recommended method for archiving GA properties, then deleting them?
24:55 – Why aren’t content groupings retroactive?
25:44 – Is there an efficient method for updating filters across a GA system that has hundreds of properties and multitudes of accounts?
26:01 – To track conversions do I need to add code or can I just setup a goal?
26:33 – What are the best reports that AdWords account managers should be reviewing in Analytics consistently?
29:20 – URLs used in the Google Shopping Feed are redirected. In the process, the tracking parameters are removed and Google Analytics reports this Paid Search traffic is SEO. What is the best solution to this so GA can report correctly?
30:49 – What is your favorite digital analytics conference?
32:40 – What are the most important metrics to track as a new business with little traffic?
34:46 – Google Analytics Premium + Google Big Query for Predictive Digital Marketing article:
35:34 – Data Import demo
35:55 – I have two sites, a general info site, and a separate but related registration site. Should I have one Analytics ID to cover both, or separate them with two different ID’s?
37:02 – I have a property related with the domain “” and I want to create a view of only those users and sessions related with “”. How can I create it?
37:43 – Audiences demo
40:37 – I’d like to understand which of our blogs are helping with SEO vs. which blogs are not (so we can archive them).
41:18 – In the past, my colleagues were tagging UTM on internal links to track call to action button clicks and downloads from blog articles. How would this affect data aggregated in Custom Funnel Report?
42:20 – I’m wondering if in general you have a class or affinity/user group for GA for non-sales websites? Like nonprofits, education, or any resource/behavior change website?
43:49 – Can you explain more about LifeTime Value (LTV) report which was added recently in the Google Analytics?
45:23 – We would like to add an extra step in our ecommerce funnel for some products. This causes that our funnel to not exactly be the same for each product. How would you manage the measurement of the funnel?
46:12 – Can you use Data Studio to link other sources to relay all data in one place?
46:20 – Data Studio demo
49:18 – I feel like we have both “direct” and “none” as separate sources in our report – what’s the difference?
50:31 – Can you explain more about Session Unification?
54:13 – As someone who is coming into the field of digital analytics, where do I go after getting my certification in Google Analytics and Google Adwords?
55:29 – Analysis Exchange: