Villas in the Sky, Architectural Beauty II Feb-20-15

Situated as one of the last buildings in the green thoroughfare, the Wadi, and in a transition zone between the public square and the Wadi, the tower will become a strong local landmark. The form imitates the structural ideal of a high-rise building. It is a polygon with four equal sides allowing for very flexible spaces. The shifted upper plates create a jagged facade that visually differentiates the various programmes in the mixed-use building.

The first three stories are dedicated to retail and connected to the Wadi, ground level and the footbridges, the Skywalks, for easy access and optimal connection for users. The next 14 stories are programmed as office space and the top 12 floors house 22 residential units.

The curtain wall glass facade has angled panels to allow the use of more transparent glazing oriented towards the ground, while a sloping light-coloured cladding provides a shaded interior and reduces the energy consumption of the building. The building is designed to achieve a LEED Certification upon completion.

Photo by: Bader AlOtaby