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Florian PELGRIN – Director of MSc in Data Analytics & Digital Business, Coordinator of Quantitative Methods
Loick MENVIELLE – Associate Professor, Scientific and Advisory Committee – MSc in Data Analytics & Digital Business
Valentin LEBLAN – Current student

00:15 The Pitch
01:43 Do you require professional experience to apply?
04:19 Are we required to do our internship abroad? Can we do it in France?
08:09 20,000 € is really expensive for less than a year of classes. Do you offer scholarships?
10:39 What is the international accreditation and recognition of this degree outside France?
12:06 Do I have the opportunity to take French classes in this program?
13:50 Three Words Max
15:55 Business Schools are sometimes far away from companies. Do you have any courses directly linked to tech companies?
18:03 Does this program offer any additional certifications, like Google Analytics?
19:10 For a Master in Management student with no academic IT background like me, is it possible to be admitted? I have taken courses specialized in quantitative method (big data), marketing and digital.
21:02 Guest change
21:09 Hey Valentin. What have you liked most about this MSc? What would you change (please don’t say ‘nothing’).
22:37 Can you tell me more about your blended learning methods, please?
24:36 What technologies are you teaching? Your site says the program embraces the latest technologies.
27:06 Engineer Schools also propose Msc in Data Analytics. Do you consider them as competitors?
29:29 The Expert Question
29:40 The Expert Question: In his statement on the EDHEC site, Mr. Pelgrin talks about training students to be create innovative strategies in the digital age. How does the program…
33:16 Do you receive any help from the school to find a job after your master?
35:09 Hi Valentin! What is Lille like for student life?
37:10 Who are the business partners with whom you have developed this program? Do they hire graduates from EDHEC?
39:23 Conclusion